For a real head start in life

Why Choose Us?

All of the children who come here discover through personal attention that learning is an exciting and fun experience.

At our Nursery we follow the Early Year’s Foundation Stage curriculum as approved by the government.

To give your child the best start in life, we have created a caring and secure environment in a purpose built building, where each child is treated as an individual.

What We Offer

Children between the ages of 2.5 and 5yrs

Up to 30 hours per week of FREE childcare

Open Monday to Friday for 38 weeks a year

Morning, Afternoon & All Day Sessions

All our sessions are 3 hours long

Optional lunch sessions are available

For Your Children

Our parents have told us the top things their child gets when at the Nursery:

  • building your child’s confidence and self-esteem
  • developing friendships
  • learning how to share and take turns
  • learning to listen

All through their time at the Nursery, our staff help your child to learn to think critically, develop problem solving skills and develop fine and gross motor skills, become more confident in new social situations.

They will learn how to work as part of a team, your child will learn about different ways of life including different cultures and religions.

What The Parents Say

Pay by Credit Card, Cheque & most Childcare Vouchers


3 & 4 Year Old’s

3 - 4 years
  • £13.53Morning (8.40 to 11.40)
  • £10.00Lunch (11.40 to 12.20)
  • £13.53Afternoon (12.20 to 15.20)
  • £37.06All Day (8.40 to 15.20)

Rising 3’s

2.5 - 3 years
  • £15.45Morning (8.40 to 11.40)
  • £10.00Lunch (11.40 to 12.20)
  • £15.45Afternoon (12.20 to 15.20)
  • £40.90All Day (8.40 to 15.20)

If you have any questions about our pricing please don’t hesitate to contact us

Free Childcare Funding

Local Authority funding (for morning and afternoon sessions) is available for children from the term after they turn three. If your child goes to another nursery/childminder as well and claims funding there, the maximum you can claim is still 15 hours a week. For further information, click the link below:

Local Authority funding cannot be used for lunch sessions and these fees are paid by the parents. Any other sessions not included in Local Authority funding will also be paid by the parents.

Childcare vouchers we accept are Edenred, Sodexo, Computershare, P & MM, Care-4, Allsave, Fideliti, Childcareplus are accepted for main and lunch sessions only.

From September 2017 we will be accepting tax free Childcare.


Term Dates

Summer 2017

Term starts 18th April 2017

May Bank holiday 1st May 2017

Half Term  29th May-2nd June 2017 inclusive

Re-open  5th June 2017

Term Ends 21st July 2017 School finishes 1.30 pm


Autumn 2017

Term starts 6th September 2017

Half Term 23rd October -27th October 2017 inclusive

Re-Open 30th October 2017

Tern Ends 21st December 2017 School finishes at 1.30 pm


Spring 2018

Term starts 4th January 2018

Half Term 12th -16th February 2018 Inclusive

Re-open 19th February 2018

Term Ends 29th March 2018 School finishes 1.30 pm

Easter Break 30th March-13th April 2018 Inclusive


2016 / 2017

Friday 30th June 2017

Monday 3rd July 2017


2017 / 2018

Monday 4th September 2017

Tuesday 5th September 2017